Developing a Language

I first became interested in language in high school, when I started to learn Thai to prepare for a year as an exchange student in Thailand. Since then, I’ve learned several languages to varying degrees, including French, Italian, German, Mandarin, and Arabic. In the language I’ve developed using abstract symbols that evoke the meanings I associate with them, I’ve drawn inspiration from both Mandarin and Arabic. Mandarin uses a script-less pictogram system to write, and I used meaningful symbols which can be combined to develop new meanings and more nuanced meanings.

Arabic has a root word system in which any given word is one of a set of meaningful forms using 3-letter root word system. For example, R-H-M means “womb” and is the root word for “rahma” which means “mercy/love”. The symbols can be combined in an unlimited variety ways which are meaningful to the user of the language.

More symbols, expressions, and variations are coming soon. Stay tuned!



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