The First Pages of “Prismwalkers: The Resistance,” a free online webcomic and world-building project

Hello, hi. Thanks for your time! This is the beginning of “Prismwalkers: The Resistance,” a free online comic and world-building project. The story follows Aya, who we meet 4 years after her grandmother died, living in sexual slavery to a pimp in Brooklyn. She spent years bouncing around abusive foster homes after being left alone in the world with the death of her grandmother. We meet her the day her life changes. She meets Arrumi,  who helps her break from of her slavery, but not before she has to break the seal. She’s taken to another world, the world on the other side of water, through the prism, where she learns who she is and the role she must play in the battle between Chaos and Tyranny, which threatens the very fabric of all that exists.

She joins the Guardians of the Light, a secret, trans-dimensional order of protectors who work behind the scenes everywhere in the cosmos, hiding in plain sight, to bring light and protect the cosmic balance. It’s dangerous, though, very dangerous. She walks a treacherous road, and very little is what it seems to be, but she also meets incredible creatures and beings who teach her how to bear the light, to use her gifts, and to heal the great wounds that her short life has already inflicted on her.

Aya is a superhero, but she doesn’t have any great powers that any of us couldn’t also have, if we’re willing to do what it takes to develop them. All the power, greater than anything any superhero ever had, can be found in the Map, an ancient book that existed before Time. The map is a book that only opens to those whose hearts are open, a map that can only be read by people seeking the Light.

Here are the first 10 pages from the first issue, due sometime in November, Oneness-willing.



PW Page 2-01.png







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