The Dolls

In 2013, my mom had this great idea for me to make a little money. She’d been an art gallery director for a number of years, and dolls sold really well, especially around Christmas, especially if they were elves, Christmas elves. So we had the idea that I would make some dolls, elves, to sell to galleries and make a quick couple of dollars. Easy, right? Not if I can help it.

I started making the dolls, and their design, construction, and concept got so complicated and overwrought that I struggled to explain what they even were, and it cost me $200 and a whole week to make even one, because I just HAD to hand-sew the custom-designed, hand-dyed silk dresses and pantaloons and petticoats and vests, and embroider elaborate chest-plates, and on and on. They turned out beautifully, but the only person to buy any was my gracious and supportive Aunt Mary, who is absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Aunt Mary.

You can find out more about this short-lived and unsuccessful project at the website for my “doll studio” here.



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