Sunday Love 5/7/2017: Never Give Up, the Miracle Is Unfolding

Listen and/or download HERE.


If you’ve been listening to Sunday Love for the past 2 months, you’ve probably noticed that all the songs are on a theme. Well today, is a little different.

First up today is Neva Soft by Ms. Dynamite.

If I could share just message with my life, it be to never give up. Just keep going, no matter how hard, heavy or painful it gets, never give up. You can do it. You were made to do it. You can fall, but don’t stay down.

Next up is

Playground – Major Lazer

Just Hold On – Steve Aoki

Waiting for Love p Avicii

Rise – Katy Perry (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Hold on and Believe – Martin Garrix

Never Give Up – Sia

Remember to always keep moving. Not running. Running away is staying in place, because what you’re running from will chase you until you face it with love and courage. You can face it. We have to walk through the darkness of our anger, fear and pain. When we’ve faced it, we can move on.

Just Be – Tiesto (Stereojackers v Mark Loverush Radio Edit)

Moving On – Marshmello

But remember, you’re not alone. You’re never alone. The Great Spirit, the Mother Father Source of Life, the Ultimate Beloved whose Face is reflected in us and in all things, is always with you the way the ocean is in the wave. You’re not separate and alone. So don’t forget to reach out for the the Hand

that is waiting to hold you. Don’t forget to relax into the Embrace that is waiting to hold you and protect your and give you everything you need, the life, nourishment and love that you seek.

Call on Me – Starley (Ryan Riback Remix)

Lean On – Major Lazer (CRNKN remix)

Sometimes what we need is a miracle. We don’t have the strength or knowledge or ability to find an answer to a problem or to overcome an obstacle or find our way out of a trap we’ve let ourselves be lead into.

Don’t Let Me Down – Chainsmokers

The Great Mother Father Spirit whose Face is Reflected in us and in all things is always with us, waiting for us to ask so we can receive. Just ask. Just reach out, just look up from the mesmerizing swirling mirage of your fears and desires and look at the Beautiful and Majestic Face of the Beloved who created you to love you, so that you could know love.

We are all the children of the miracle. So don’t ever give up on your own miracle. You are a miracle, there is nothing in the cosmos or beyond that is not a miracle. You don’t need love, you ARE love.

Children of a Miracle – Don Diablo

Miracles – Martin Jenson (Charlie Who Remix)

We’re all one. We’re all made of the same matter and animated by the same Light. Only on the surface do the waves appear separate. Don’t let them tell you you are just a wave. You are the Ocean in a wave.
Unity (Sensation Chile Anthem 2017) – Kryder

Never give up, beloveds. When it’s dark and hard, remember to reach for the love and light inside you. It is you. You are the Ocean. Walk this week in the knowledge of the love you are and were created to give to the world.

It’s 4pm, and you’re listening to 106.7 KSOW-lp in Cottage Grove. You just listened to Sunday Love, uplifting dance and electronic music with a message, with your host, Maryam Mathieu. Catch Sunday Love live every Sunday from 3-4pm and replayed every Friday from 9-10pm.



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