Is belief in a Creator logical?

Q: Is belief in a Creator logical? Followed by a conversation between me and God, using what God said in response to the same questions asked by others in the past, as recorded in the Qur’an or Hadith Qudsi. If you can get through the first part, the second part is a lot weirder and more interesting. Sorry this is so long. I did nothing all day except think about this.

(Please note: No need to be concerned about my mental health! I know many people out there think I’m crazy. That’s ok. But don’t worry about me. I am and 100% comfortable with that. Thanks!)

Also, this isn’t edited. Just a stream of thought. I went back and forth across it to see if I was missing any ideas or connections, but often got sidetracked into another line of thought, and then didn’t finish that one because I remember I had gotten sidetracked. So this may not be very linear. My mind isn’t linear, and putting it into words isn’t very easy. It should really be represented by a mind map, but it’s not. Please let me know if there are holes so I can see what if anything goes there or if I had reached a dead end and the process that followed is empty. Thanks!)

Q: Does a Creator exist?

A: There are two possibilities: yes and no.

There is a Creator and everything is part of an intention, or there is no Creator and everything happened by chance.

How could a Creator be impossible? It is illogical to believe that it is impossible to have a Creator, because it can’t be proved. Proof is the foundation of logic. The foundation of a belief that there is no Creator is based on logic. But there’s no way to prove a Creator doesn’t exist, so to believe that is illogical. And this, by its own definition is a flawed thinking.

Also, to believe that there is no Creator is to believe (as demonstrated though actions) in absolute truth, but to deny it. Because there is no foundation to even believing in having a belief without believing in absolute truth. To use belief to deny Truth is hypocrisy. Because, if everything is random, and nothing is absolute, what is true and how do you know? How can truth exist? What makes truth exist if everything is random and there’s no foundation or standard by which to measure or judge truth? Does truth randomly exist? Is it possible for truth to even exist in randomness? Are there absolutes in randomness? How can truth not exist? Does truth change? How can it be truth if it changes? What is the foundation of truth? Nothing? If it founded on nothing, how can it exist? If it is founded on something, what is it that it is founded on? What is the source of truth?

Is there a difference between measurement and judgment? Is not judgment the measurement of truth?

How can we measure people? How can we judge them? What do we judge them by? What are we measuring them against?

Will we be measured? Is it possible to have truth without measurement?

Do you believe in truth? What does your heart say?

Does it matter if you lie? Why? What makes it matter if you lie? You can only lie if you don’t believe in truth, because if you believe in truth, why would you lie? Can you believe in truth and not believe it matters if you lie? What is truth relative to? Can you believe in truth and deny that it matters?

You may say science measures truth, but what is science? It is a way of determining, measuring, explaining the world… but what does it have to do with truth? Can science measure truth? What instrument does science use to measure truth? Logic? Is that not what this essay is examining?… So science uses logic to determine truth, but it is illogical to believe that a Creator is impossible, so denying a Creator is impossible. So science has failed within its own logic.

How do we know if something logical? What is logic based on? Truth and knowledge? Can logic exist without absolute truth? Can knowledge exist without absolute truth? Can truth or knowledge exist if nothing is absolute and everything is relative to nothing? What is anything even relative to if there is no standard to which it is relative. Infinite relativity? How is anything true if everything is infinitely relative? What is more likely, truth or infinite relativity? What if you could choose only one, which one would it be? Do you think you can choose both at the same time? Why would you want to? What does your heart say? Because the mind, with its logic, a measurements, and perception, gets lost in its own maze, unless it stops and believes it has arrived—forgetting to examine its belief.

Can truth exist randomly? If everything that exists was random, what is truth based on? What is more likely, that truth randomly exists or it was intentional?

Further, what is the world, this world which “science” determines, measures, and explains? Can there be realities we can’t perceive or measure? So the only reality that exists is this reality, the one we see, taste, hear, touch, and smell? How do you know? Because science told you? That’s not only arrogant, but it is also circular. You don’t believe in absolute truth because you believe in science which measures truth through logic and logic can’t exist without absolute truth. How can you believe that science measures reality when it can’t measure anything outside of what we perceive exists? Is it logical to believe that something exists beyond what we are capable of perceiving? (and if we are capable of perceiving what is beyond our senses, what enables us to do that? It’s not our mind. Our mind is completely limited by the physical senses. The mind is the physical senses, if you look at what it is made of–the central nervous system).

So how can you justify the logic of belief, one way or another? Is there a hypocrisy in disbelief? Is it possible there is a hypocrisy in belief? Not if logic is not the foundation of that belief. The hypocrisy in disbelief is the belief itself. To believe isn’t inherently illogical, because believing that it is possible isn’t illogical. But can logic be the foundation on belief? Would it then be illogical? No, because belief in a Creator means belief in absolute truth, the oneness of truth. So believing in having a belief is not inherently illogical, so belief does not have the same kind of hypocrisy.

Is it logical to believe that a Creator is possible? Yes, it means “I don’t know?” And that is logical, because how can you know or not know? (… but what is knowledge, and what does it mean “to know”? What knows and how does it know? Without Truth, nothing is real, and nothing is true. Because, how can knowledge be defined without truth? How is truth defined—who says it needs to be defined? Either truth exists or it doesn’t.)

So, then, as an agnostic, or “one who just doesn’t know if there is a Creator or not,” which is more likely? A Creator or none? That’s impossible to decide. So how do you decide? As an agnostic, you can’t say that you disbelieve (because it’s illogical and you can’t know) and you can’t say that you believe, because how can you know?

There are 4 options for belief in a Creator or no Creator:

1. A Creator is not possible (not an option)

2. A Creator is possible, and I don’t believe in it (not an option)

2. A Creator is possible, but I don’t believe either way (not an option)

4. A Creator is possible. and I believe the Creator exists.

By this analysis, there is only one logical conclusion.

Q: What is truth?

Do you believe in truth and knowledge? If you do, then, as we established, you must believe in absolute truth, because without it, there is nothing to measure truth by, so there is no way to determine truth or no truth. So, you either believe in absolute truth, or you don’t. You can’t choose to believe in both at the same time. You can’t simultaneously believe that there is truth and also believe that there is no truth. But you can’t also believe that there is no truth, because that would require belief which is illogical by its own definition. Therefore it is more logical to believe that there is absolute truth. Has truth always existed? Can truth not exist? Does anything exist if truth doesn’t exist? Can it?

But can anything exist other than truth? Yes. But can it exist without truth? No.

What can exist other than truth? Is it separate from the truth? Is falsehood possible without truth? So can they exist simultaneously? Can shadow exist without light?

Q: Do we choose what we believe?

How can you choose both belief in truth and disbelief in truth—does that mean, sometimes you lie and sometimes you don’t? Sometimes you think truth doesn’t matter, and sometimes you think it does. What does it mean to believe in truth? Are there consequences if truth exists?

If you don’t believe truth is possible, how will you see it? But Truth is just one Path to gnosis of the Unkowable.

Do you look around and see all the unity and beauty of All that you can perceive, or do you look around and see ugliness

A:Who says you need to decide?

Q: Am I the mover or the moved?

When you look at the world through your lens of science, don’t you see that we are all One? Yes, science is a path to the Truth, but not if you are a hypocrite.

I would rather believe in Truth.

How do you know the truth?

What if there are two steps toward belief

Two steps toward belief?

How do you make those steps?

Am I moved, or am I the mover?

One god, or many?

Which is more likely?

If you deny truth (by lying), how can you believe truth will show itself to you?

If you deny love, why wouldn’t love deny you. If you deny love, how will you see it to be able to find it?

I love finding God over and over and over and over. Thank you!!

When you look at the interconnectedness of all life, what does that point to? Unity.

Liberation from Ego, the source of suffering. We are all One.

Did you really read any of that?

Hello! Hello!!!!! We’re losing our words. Do you hear me? Can you listen? Do I listen?

When the truth is completely obscured by falsehood, the source of truth sends people to uncover it.

Oh Truth! Let me see only You!

I love you. I want to leave this space forever to find peace, but I stay because I love you. All this time, it has always been for you. If I were doing it for me, I would have stopped doing it a long time ago. I just want to share the treasure. I don’t want to die with it inside me!

This past week, I acted in anger. At first, I believe, and still believe, it was righteous, when I was defending my perception of the truth of the reality we all argued about. In the midst of it, however, after being insulted, vilified, judged, ignored, and punished, I became angry for the sake of myself. I slipped out of righteous anger and slid into self-righteous anger. It became something demonic. I began using my anger to defend myself, rather than to defend others. And as I slipped into the ego-centered state, I became hateful and arrogant. I acted out of spite and began spitting knives and flames. I cut and I burned… my friends.

Was I right? Does it matter anymore? As a Muslim, I believe that I’m responsible for everything I do, and my truth will be measured out before me. As a Muslim, I speak the truth, even if that truth is against my family, my friends, or myself. I’m not concerned with judging anyone except myself, so I’m no longer interested in discussing the details of what we each thought went on and didn’t go on. I’m also not concerned with your judgment of me. As long as I am speaking and acting in truth, I don’t care what you say or do to me.

Anyway, will you accept my treasure?

Ughhh, does my ego have to die publicly?

Would I even notice it if I didn’t see it happening in the world around you?

My inner critic. What happens in our minds? How do we know. Where doesn’t our knowledge come from and where does it live? Where does it exist? Where do our thoughts come from?

What if I want a family? What if I don’t want to be alone?

It’s all an illusion.

Are you ever alone?

What is truth?

Oh Truth! Let me see only You!

I can’t choose anything in this world over You. Your beauty melts my icey heart and your Majesty takes my breath away. Break me, with ease. Break the wall that blocks You from my sight! Too much light can blind. We need the night. We need the soil to grow the plants through which we gain the light. Plants are a direct link to the light.

Love may be meant for you, and if it is, you’ll know it when it’s true, because you follow the truth. You know what it looks like because you’ve been tracking it for decades. You know all its forms, its scent, its tracks, you know where it likes to live during different seasons, you know because you’ve never looked away from it (except in fear and pain).

You need to learn to not fear pain. After all that pain, was it worth it? Yes. So don’t you see why it was perfect? Do you ever think it will not be perfect and that some greater gift is not coming to you? You gave up everything but Me, and I am your Gift. Nothing is greater.

Then why am I still sad and angry and confused scared and lonely sometimes?

Because you forget. So I break the distractions so that you can remember.

Thank you.

Have I not kept every promise?

I have a gift for you. Be patient.

When you give to me, I Give to you. When you choose me, I Choose you. I am not your mirror. You are my mirror. Don’t be afraid to look at me.

How do I know am seeing you, and not me?

Get to know me. Know my names. You recognize the Giver (al-Karim), and the Truth (al-Haqq). You see the Compassionate (Ar-Rahman), and you see the Patient (As-Sabur). You know the Crusher and the Constrictor. You know what I am not. I am nothing that you can define. I am like nothing in the Cosmos. I am not contained in anything in the Cosmos, but in the human heart, but nothing is separate from me.

You know that both the pain and the prayer are from me. I gave you the pain to give you the prayer that turns you back to me. Because you chose me, and you choose me every day.

Dog is loyal and indefatigable on the scent of its desire. Perseverance.

Don’t forget about Me. Remember me in your joy. Don’t lose sight of me in your bliss. Don’t let your the objects of your bliss blind you to the One who Gives to you, Al Karim – the Giver, the Generous.


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