Poem Day 11: A New Day Rises

I’m jumping up and down in delight.
I see a fork in the road,
and I don’t yet know
where either path goes.

But I know He’ll lead me down the High Road
of perfect destruction
and eternal delight
in the everlasting moment.
He’ll lead me, hand in Hand,
held tight in His embrace,
to see a new hue,
a new pattern,
of His Beloved Face.

I squeal
so anxious for Him to reveal,
what new Shangri La
or X marks the spot
where hidden treasure
waits for the foolhardy
walking the tight rope over the chasm
with her hand in His
and the other on her heart.

I’ve been a fool from the start,
never choosing to play a part.
in this great play,
never picking a team
in this ever-dying game,
where nothing is as it seems.

I try to follow the path
my heart sees,
glowing bright little bread crumbs
in the dark.
Where will I go next,
and where will I embark
to explore new seas?

I’m squealing in delight,
because, after so long,
I see the faintest sliver of light
in the east.
A new day rises
in the blessed night.
I jump up and down,
because my Beloved arrives.
What new treasure
will be revealed,
with the new days’ Light?


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