Poem Day 4: “Promise”

Day 4: “Promise”

I’m so sorry I couldn’t stay
wings clipped
in your gilded cage
(I would have, but you know me too well,
thank you, my love,
for not letting my light fade)
from the beginning
I promised you it would be this way

you always knew there would come a day
when it would be time for me to fly away
it was a promise I made
so long ago
by the Grace of Allah, my promise is true
and now you know

and I promise
this seven years were only
seeds scattered in my heart
and the garden has yet to bud
and bloom
we have yet to even taste the fruit
this, I promise you

I just have so much to do
because, years before I ever met you,
I promised a Face I never knew
that I would never look away from the shadow
that consumes

I will never forget
I promise you

and I ask you to promise me
you’ll meet me on the other side
so we can be neighbors in Paradise
or be born to the same tawny doe in the forest
twin fawns, frolicking in the grass
until we must part ways
at last

let’s be reborn together as a dandelion patch!
meandering the meadows together
on the wind
flying as tiny seeds with silver thatch

promise me you’ll find me when it’s all over
and I promise I’ll never forget you
as I go on my way
as I fly
you know I’m a dancer
with the angels in the sky
with the demons inside
and I can’t stop
to stop is to die

but I promise
I will never forget
and you know I’ve never lied,
if you promise me to meet me when all is said and done
promise to meet me on the other side

promise to meet me on the other side


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