Side by Side

Side by side


Walking side by side,
we step in time.
You were my eyes when I was blind.
You were my heart when I was dead inside.
As I struggled against the chains, to get free
lying alone on the sharp gravel road, bleeding,
you were my heart beating.

You were the quicksand beneath my feet.
You were the hand that reached
across worlds and time
to launch my spirit into the sky.

You were the heavy stones that crushed me,
and you were the gentle hand
that put back all the jagged pieces.

You taught me how to fly,
and together we danced
between the stars and through the forests,
and between the horizons, we balanced,
hand in hand, you caught my tears,
and transformed them into poetry,
right before my eyes.

You swam beside me through the seas,
two dolphins dancing across the waves with ease.
Always beside me,
we sat together on the mountainside
and watched the glory of your genius unfolding
across the land, into the skies.

Your gift was amazement and delight.
Your love brought me back to life.
You were the darkness that descended
and taught me the beauty of the night sky.
You were the sun at dawn.

You turned my darkness to light.
And now we’re dancing together
toward the land beyond time.

Walking together,
side by side,
your hand in mine.


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